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FIYTA is a leading watchmaker, that stands out for its design creativity and research and development of materials. FIYTA watches brings together classic design with modern technology in both elegant metallic and soft, supple leathers for both men and women. FIYTA timepieces can be seen in the sports, motor and aeronautics industries because of the demand for precision and reliability.

Fiyta watches have accompanied the astronauts on various missions to outer space through a revolutionary technology. In 2007, FIYTA created the ATiC process of strengthening materials such as titanium or steel, making them both more durable and more comfortable to wear on the skin.

The brand specialises in high-quality watch design. FIYTA won numerous awards in design, among other, it received the Red Dot design award for the "Extravehicular Space Watch Collector’s Edition”. The innovative and icon style makes each FIYTA watch having its unique personality.

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